Create job sheets, record parts and labour, create job invoices.

Workshop management software from Integra Developments.

Complete workshop management system for job sheets, job costing and job invoicing.

Integra HGV Coach
The Integra Software has been designed for use in busy vehicle workshops. It records all the information related to job sheets or work orders, and handles all the steps such as: initial quote, diary booking, allocation of stock parts, allocation of non-stock direct to job parts, allocation of technician labour hours, job approval and job invoice creation.

The software is flexible to be used in a variety of work flows. For example, vehicle job sheets can be quoted and booked in from the diary, or job sheets can be created on the spot when a vehicle arrives. There is a simplified technician job card screen for use by technicians on the shop floor. A step by step screen guides the technician to enter the vehicle details with a work order summary and creates the job sheet.

Once the job sheet is created, it can be allocated parts and labour. Note that a job is divided into one or more tasks. For example a vehicle may arrive at the workshop for a routine inspection and at the same time have some damages repaired. By dividing the job into two tasks, it is possible to separate the costs. If required, invoices can be generated for each task. There could be an invoice raised to the vehicle owner for the inspection work, and an invoice raised to an insurance company for the damage repairs.

Technician hours can be entered directly onto the job sheet screen, or can be entered onto a technicians weekly timesheet screen where they are then transferred to the various jobs. The software is flexible enough to cope with many ways of working and can be customised to suit the way you wish to manage your workshop.

Stock parts and non stock parts can be assigned to the job. Non stock parts are ordered through the purchase order screen where they are allocated to a specific job sheet. A full service and repair history is stored for each vehicle, that shows all the jobs and all the parts fitted during the life of the vehicle. This information is valuable for warranty checks.

Acquiring the workshop data means the software system can produce workshop management reports. For example: parts turnover, parts purchases by supplier, estimated vs. actual technician hours, and various others that show workshop KPI. The software can simplify day to day running for example there are screens for performing automated stock reorders based on minimum and maximum desired levels.

The job card screen will update the vehicle information so that any planned services performed on the job card can be automatically wound on to the next scheduled date when the job card is completed.

As well as the reports, the software can import and export data. For example, job invoice data can be exported to accounts or financial packages such as Sage, or Cedar. This is often in a standard data format such as CSV, XML or XLS. Integra is happy to create interfaces that automate your workshop processes.

The software has been designed to make job sheet creation as simple as possible. There are data validations to ensure that information is entered correctly. Future developments include remote client access so that external customers can view their own vehicle service history, and tablet based inspection sheets for electronic vehicle inspections.

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