Stock control, parts purchasing and inventory management.

Parts management software from Integra Developments.

Complete stock and inventory control.

Integra HGV Coach
The system handles parts purchasing, parts delivery & supplier invoice processing. As well as stock and non-stock items on job sheets, the system also handles parts issues to departments or external customers.
Parts can be purchased as stock items or as direct to job items. The system is capable of multi-depot operation and therefore shelf quantity, maximum and minimum quantity can be set for each part at each depot. Parts can be transferred between depots. Stock prices can be calculated based on various methods such as average or LIFO.

The order process starts with raising a purchase order which is approved and then sent to the supplier. The items are then received through the goods inward processing screens. Note that expected and actual delivery dates can be entered for reporting on supplier delivery performance. Warnings can be displayed for any overdue deliveries. There is provision for matching order quantities and prices with delivery and invoice quantities and prices.

Stock unit costs are automatically recalculated based on delivery or invoice prices, and can be set to calculate using averaging or LIFO or other methods. Parts can be assigned to categories and repair types for reporting purposes, and can be assigned supplier and manufacturer part numbers. The minimum and maximum stock levels form the basis for automated stock re-ordering. The re-order screen allows the user to manually modify the quantities before sending order to the supplier. Each part at each depot can be assigned an RRP, and job invoices can use the unit cost or RRP as the basis for charging. If necessary, a comprehensive parts uplift matrix based on customer, repair type and job type can be set up.

Stock turnover reports form the basis of inventory management. Knowing the quantities used can help with determining the economic order quantity and negotiating best prices.

The purpose of the stock module is easy parts management and control. Parts are added to job sheets using a pick list to ensure data integrity. Parts added to the jobs are marked as allocated to a job, and when the job is completed, the stock shelf quantity is automatically updated. The system is designed to automatically recalculate inventory quantities and prices based on orders and usage.

Parts can be grouped into parts kits, and these part kits can be assigned to vehicle service types. Therefore when a vehicle comes for a routine service, the required parts can be quickly added to the job sheet.

Direct to job parts can be marked with a surcharge, this allows monitoring of any outstanding surcharges needing to be claimed.

There is the facility to issue stock using parts bar codes.

The Integra Stock Management system is very flexible and can be customised to suit different methods of use. Parts information can be imported and exported electronically using standard formats such as XML, CSV, XLS.

There are several benefits of a computer inventory management system over paper based or spreadsheet based systems. The computer system provides a robust central system that automatically updates prices and quantities to reflect goods usage and delivery. It also provides reports to control and plan stock management.
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