Complete vehicle information database.

Fleet management software from Integra Developments.

Complete fleet information system for efficiency and cost control.

Integra HGV Coach
The Integra Fleet Management Software has been designed to assist the user in accomplishing tasks related to operating a fleet of vehicles.

The system stores information on various aspects of vehicle management such as: purchase, planned maintenance, vehicle defects and repairs, fuel analysis, tyre fittings and vehicle disposal. This information is used to present reports such as service reminders, cost analysis, cost per mile, fleet efficiency.

The system performs many functions and is suitable for any company that operates more than 10 vehicles. It is far superior to using paper based or spreadsheet systems.

Firstly, it records all necessary vehicle information in the vehicle database. Information such as make, model, date of manufacture, date of purchase, supplier, engine size, engine number, chassis number, VIN, tyre sizes, and many other items of information can be stored for each vehicle. Documents and images can be stored for each vehicle. Having this information in one organised system is a step towards effective fleet management.

Secondly, it assists with planning and reminders. Each vehicle can be assigned multiple service schedules and multiple renewal reminders. The service schedules are for the planned maintenance and the renewal reminders are for tax renewals, insurance renewals, permit renewals etc. Any authorised user can easily run a report to show items due for the next week or month or six months or year etc. The report will show all vehicles due for service and all renewal items needing attention.

Another function of the fleet software system is management reports. During the life of the vehicle, all information regarding running costs are stored in the system. There are modules to store parts history, labour history, fuel usage, tyre fittings. The parts history is very useful for performing warranty checks. Through the use of cost codes and repair codes, it is possible to analyse the whole life cost of each vehicle, and work out cost per mile or cost per kilometre.

As well as being useful for small fleets, it is powerful enough to cope with multi depot large fleet operations. Vehicles can be allocated to a department for cost allocation, and assigned to a location for operational management. The system can handle multiple workshops and parts can be ordered for delivery to a specific maintenance centre.

The software has been designed to make data entry as simple as possible. There are data validations to ensure that information is entered correctly. This is important for reports. As well as reports the system generates charts and graphs to present information dashboards. These fleet information dashboards provide a quick way to check on fleet operation.

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